Ms. Oakmonte

When the notice was published in June, 2015 that the second Ms. Oakmonte Pageant was to be held in August, 2015, I considered enrolling as a contestant. The pageant was to be based on stature, presenting oneself elegantly when walking across the stage, and talent. There were ten of us chosen; some who sang, danced, spoke about and displayed their talent, i.e. painting large family pictures, and knitting prayer shawls. I had no such talent as above but I could write a passage and read it-on the subject " I AM A WOMAN"

We went through two months of rehearsals, at last, we were ready for our BIG NIGHT, August 25th, 2015. The Pageant went extremely well, all nerves were calmed, and the rest was up to the judges. After asking the three finalist questions pertaining to various subjects the judges conferred and announced the winner.

I had the HONOR of being Selected MS. Oakmonte of 2015-2016 and was "CROWNED" by my predecessor, Janet Rosenblatt. I cannot convey the felling I had of pride and happiness which was bestowed upon me that evening. To be living in this wonderful residence with the best staff and friendly residents and end elected Ms. Oakmonte, has made the "Golden Years" more golden. Oakmonte is my extended Family!

Jean N.

My husband and I have been at the facility for almost 6 months and have enjoyed our time. We enjoy the extra activities such as going to plays, weekly lunch outings and having the piano player each evening. We enjoy our apartment and our neighbors.

We have had the pleasure of teaching other residents how to play "Golf" a card game played in Wisconsin as well as playing 500 Rummy with a group of new friends.

We have the best help to assist in taking care of us and we love all of them. The staff at Oakmonte is thoughtful and helpful. We love our new home.

Walt L.

My new home opened in mid-2013 and surpasses many others throughout Florida. It is staffed by highly trained and motivated people. The building provides for outside businesses with space to share their services for the residents.

The food is great and the staff is well trained and respectful. I have transportation to my local church, as well as, to other places such as banking and retail stores. I get to enjoy outings to historical places, lunch outings and various activities.

Terry B.

We found the staff at Oakmonte to be very clear and up-front regarding prices, services and expectations that we should have as a resident. They were clear about what would be done and what was expected of my mom.

This is an independent facility with clearly defined goals and guidelines for the residents to follow. There are plenty of activities for mom to be involved in. She can opt out of, or choose to participate in, the activities that she is most interested in.

She has also been encouraged to request and suggest new activities. It appears to us that the residents have a say in what happens.

Nola & Jack H.

On July 9, 2013, my wife and I will have completed one full year at Oakmonte Village. At Oakmonte we are enjoying retirement in a happy, content environment beyond our expectations. We live in an 1800 sq foot villa that is light and bright with beautiful cathedral ceilings, generous storage, and a over-sized garage.

The exterior is professionally landscaped. We could not be more satisfied with our new home. The total program offered by Oakmonte meets all of our needs in a caring, quality way.

We especially appreciate the concern and personal care of the total Oakmonte staff. It is gratifying and appreciated when staff persons from the director on down know our names, know our problems, know our interests and interact with us personally whenever they see us.

Joyce G.

After living for 86 years with my loving family members and the passing of my husband, it seemed important to make a change. A friend and I heard of Oakmonte (and the other facilities) over several years and considered a change.

We investigated other places and were not pleased, after we saw them in comparison. Here the entire staff is helpful, understanding, caring, pleasant, patient and well trained.

All factors included, I feel very comfortable to call this HOME?

Cindy G.

Making the decision to move my mom, Shirley Seromik, to Oakmonte four years ago was one my siblings and I felt certain was in her best interest, despite her reluctance to relinquish her "independence" to independent living. While in independent living, her famous line was, "If you have to be in a place like this, then this is the place to be!" And she was right. Perhaps in the moment, she may not always have shown her appreciation for her life at Oakmonte, but hindsight truly is 20-20. When her health began to fail last March and necessitated a move to assisted living, she tearfully made the move, insisting all the while that she could have remained independent with just a bit of help. She fondly recalled her days in independent living as wonderful, and I recall the respect and dignity with which she was treated.

In assisted living, she adjusted slowly, requiring assistance for nearly everything and frustrated by her compromised quality of life, yet she adjusted slowly. In time, her affection and appreciation for the Oakmonte care staff became obvious to me, and I gratefully relied on them as my eyes, ears, and hands when I wasn't there. In her final week, the genuine compassion, care, and concern of the care staff for my mom touched me deeply, and I've done my best to express to them personally my appreciation and heartfelt gratitude. Devon, Ada, Mary and Tina and many others are truly angels of mercy.

Of course, no well-run organization operates without a strong and caring administration. Thank you for always attending to my concerns, requests, and even my tears. Your job is a noble one. Please share my appreciation with Oakmonte employees in both independent living and assisted living who made my mom's final home a positive and memorable experience.